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Friday, April 14, 2006

Celeb encounters..

"Hi, I'm cheap!" She probably expects free stuff. Why do the celebs always get freebies?

You may not think so, but David thinks he is still hot stuff. Well, he Europe!

I love it when I get emails from people with real life celeb encounters. Don't you love juicy tidbits about our favorite stars? This came from Catherine, thank you!

A friend of mine who works at a resort in Maui was telling me about some of the silly celebrities she's been helping and she said she recently (last week or so) helped David Hasselhoff! She said that he was actually a bit of an ass! She told me that he was covered in age/sun spots all over his face and body, and she figured they must use a LOT of makeup on him to cover it all up. He looked old.

Also, she told me that over New Year's she spoke to Ashlee Simpson several times, and that on New Year's Eve there was a special dinner party at one of their hotel's restaurants called, "Nick's." My friend told Ashlee that the price was about $125 or $150 per person, and Ashlee complained that that was too expensive, and said, "but we're not going to eat that much." She didn't go to the restaurant.

In conclusion, David is a jerk with badly sundamaged skin and Ashlee is a penny pinching cheapskate!


Blogger Katerina said...
erm, no, in case you didn't know, Hasselhoff is as much a joke in Europe as he may be over there. He's probably more sincerely popular in America. I can see that happening. @ 3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Poor katerina is in denial. In fact, Hasselbarf has been hugely successful in Germany with top records. From the BBC News in 2001:

"Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff was another who wanted to experience the adulation of screaming fans rather than the coldness of the camera.

"Although his pop career stumbled in the UK, with his only release 'If I could Only Say Goodbye' achieving a chart high of 35 in 1993, he continues to be a music sensation in Germany." @ 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hasselhoff is an awful ass alot. I believe alot of what his estranged wife says. And even if what he says about her is true, the drugs or whatever, he's a jerk for bringing that up in public to save his pruny stretched spotty face from being labeled a 'wifebeater'. @ 3:48 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
this is so funny..i saw him once in German TV and he said wiht his song "i´m looking for freedom" he took a great part in destroying the berlin wall...he´s really crazy

thx for this post

Reg Chris
My Photocommunity @ 8:21 AM  
Blogger Eve said...
Hasselbarf* Well as far as I'm concerned this man has a right to keep it going as long as someone is ready to take him on. Everybody is not young and they are not looking for young. HAAAAAA! @ 10:54 AM  
Anonymous daun1919 said...
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